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[ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. you are you are i. >> good evening. we begin with develop sory togh. sma plan h neowin marin riards b tersausoto. everyoneskay from whate understand. lets get writ to abc 7 thomas with the latest on this. walk us through what happened here. >> you are right in saying everything the individuals are all right. 2 seater c mraechbility idea leif picture what's going open right now.
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approximately 7:30 2 seater sea plane we are told went that richardson bay just off richardson street and bridge way here in sausalito. now the plane went natural water and right away somebody came to their rescue. now i can show you a couple of pictures taken by some amateur photographers. now these photographs were taken when the plane was actually starting to sink. 2 individuals on board managed to get out of the plane and into a tugboat that came by to rescue them. both of those individuals were safely taken from the plane. they were given some medical attention and then relessed. they didn't have to be taken to the hospital. now we didn't know exactly why this plane crashed. we know that it was the pilot ricky from a friend of his was at the jazz festival if sausalito minutes before he took off and actually ditched in the bay. so that's all we know right now. that happened around 7:30 and 2 people who actually watched this plane plunge into richardson bay with
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me rate now. this is jennifer and mark cohn. what did you see jennifer. >> we were actually in pretty much on my patio and watched the plane as it was banking down toward the water. they pretty much made a very nasty controlled crash landing into the bay. looked like they made concise evident to not hit anybody. individuals out on the wing after plane was in the water and it was pretty much touch and go from there. >> in the water. >>reporter: to mark, mark did the plane look like it was in trouble before it came down. >> it really didn't. lacked lick they were engine was sputtering a little tiny bit but the nose came down a little bit him if first. it wasn't angle up. and pl basically watched it crash. >> you are a pilot what did you this my estimate of what happened is that they they didn't elevator control because had they had elevator control
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pilot wouldn't have brought the nose down first. he would have steered away and brought in with a glide. a little bit weird but facing straight towards condo and buildings and hillside so if you can't control your plane and you are going straight toward everything, thanks you very much. both from sausalito. again l concerning to the marin fir department we are told that the 2 individual were rescued. taken off the plane taken on to private boat. noe don't know where they are at this point. happened at 7:30. the plane is sitting somewhere on the bottom of richardson bay off richardson and bridge way here in sausalito. much more on 7 news at 11:00. reporting live in sausalito, 7 news. >> thanks very much. good news is they appear to be okay. thank you sir. >> l hot weather hay fair danger and not enough firefighters. budget cut soaring temperatures raising concerns had fourth of july weekend. san jose fewer firefighters and less equipment
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protecting the resident as today's start of the new fiscal year has ushered in a roll brown out of firehouses. several fire agency in santa cawz county are worried about staffing levels. in fact budget cut mane one agency is at its lowest level ever for a further of july weekend. that part of the story tonight from lisa live in cap toll a tonigh tonight. >> people fireworks are illegal in much of santa cruz county including here in cap toll a but not everyone follows the law. that's why law enforcement crews actually do extra patrol but some can't afford it this year.
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>> so we are not having extra staffing we would like to have to maybe protect more of the areas. few of the fires going on only going to be able to grab one at a time. >> this year the normal compliment they would have on monday evening. so that different from past years. >> in other words, no extra engine will be on the streets on the force. >> yes it worries us. >> concerning to county supervisor john leopold the lower staffing levels are a sign of the times. >> public has to understand that in an era of declining budget we will see less public rae sources available. >> central fire main concern is for homeowners on the cliff because of access issues. and for those who live near dry vegetation like palm 'grass known to smolder for hours if a bottle rocket lands in it. >> sad they don't have the money. i wish we did. >>reporter: but central fire isn't the only department
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struggling because of bump it constraints. today san jose fire department announced it can't afford to staff every piece of apparatus in its arsenal. that means 2 engine will go out of service every single day. >> our city can't afford to go below 2 l has 1 million people. we are already under staffed with the amount of firefighters and fire engine and truck so there's no way we go below 2. >> department feels stretched thin. frain firefighters laid off and 1 fire station closed last year. l central fire meantime can call in extra firefighters in an emergency situation and they can also lean on neighboring departments for help this weekend. live in capitola, abc 7 news. thanks very much. of course this heat does mane the fir danger particularly high then come begin that with holiday and concern about fireworks and you have the potential for real problems. spencer is here with look at what we can expect this weekend
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in terms of the heat experienc experience. >> that's true. start with today high since the heat wave began today. high pressure inland in the low to mid 90's. up to 94 life more. 94 clover dale pretty toasty inland. high of 75 in san francisco and going to get l hotter through the next several days. tomorrow we notice inland high couple degrees higher up to about 96 antioch 95 tomorrow at fairfield concord livermore 95 down at morgan hill and 95 also up at mostly clear lack and clover dale so we see temperatures inching up to 100 agree mark by sunday right around bay we see mid upper 80's tomorrow and 76 here in san francisco. what does the fourth of july look like and will we be able to see the fireworks. the answer in the forecast in a few moments. >> okay spencer thanks. >> subject of the holiday. police in san francisco are patrolling china town and firefighters are checking on lane for illegal sales of fireworks. authorities don't want to see this sort of thing happen again. out law
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fireworks setoff in residential neighborhood putting entire communities in danger. vick leon what the city is doing to rye to prevent it. >> this is what worries cal fire. sale of fireworks on web sites like craigslist. >> whether safe or saint or actually illegal fireworks it's against the law to sell them on the internet. >> cal fire says in the past 5 years they have seen an increase in these sales. the agency says it's a huge business. >> we have been able to confiscate between 65,000 to 100,000 pounds of illegal fireworks every year. that is not only through the internet but also off the streets. >>reporter: but street sales still make up most of the illegal fireworks trade. these teenagers were in china town looking for fireworks. >> him if we heard it has been easy but i can not, we can't find fireworks. >>reporter: maybe they weren't lacking in the right places. because the young entrepreneur were out here in mass. whole street all the way down to bush
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street 15-year-oldings selling fireworks on every corner almost. >> we bumped no a team off of sfrers nearby central station who were lacking for them as well. in the past police have confiscated lots of fireworks here. just last week undercover officers in china town made several arrests and seized more contraband. >> quite a variety of fireworks and some more powerful m 80 1,000 time. usually fourth of july somewhere like really sklutded where i don't hear explosion. >> she knows how powerful m 80 can be. 4 years ago on july 4th she and her friends in in the park watching the fireworks display from the wharf when people began throwing m 80 into the crowd. one of them exploded near her. >> we all scattered and the shrapnel tore apart my right hand as i covered my face. >>reporter: she lost most of her index fingerer and tendon of 2 other fingers were
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severely damaged. p.m. she has gone through 12 surgeries and lots of hand therapy over the years. she is now going to college in the east coast and also a drummer in a band. and she tells me she's become quite adept. quite good at holding a drum stick with her injured hand. all of that of course is good news. vick lee, 7 news. >> there may be another proposed tuition hike at uc schools. several reports say that uc president mark will ask for 9.6 percent increase to make up for unexpected loss of 150 million dollars from state funding. if approved at the regent meeting late this month annual tuition would rise by more than 1,000 dloors about 12,000 dollars. not mostly clear when the new bryce take effect. increase would be the seventh successive tuition hike since 2006 and 11th in a decad decade. >> maria shriver filed for divorce today from former
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governor. she citd irreconcilable difference. her declares didn't list a date the couple separated but it does colonel 6 weeks after he admitted fathering a child with a member of the couple household staff. shriver petition seeks joint custody of the couple 17 and 13-year-old sons. >> much more at 9 as we continue. >> we are in the trees for about maybe almost 2 hours. >> up next. quickly melting snow pack is making rivers dangerous in northern california. even the rest cawyers needed rest can you go last night. >> apparently through the evening they had a change of heart. i don't know. it's crazy. >>reporter: confusing day for golden gate ferry riders. why the worker 81 called off a one day strike without announcing it. if. >> wee bit upset. >>reporter: if i'll say. brian wilson temper tantrum and tonight torture game. >> bay area shop that helps make inventor dreams come true.
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>> authorities warn people to stay out of the water in central northern california rivers. the rivers are fast, swollen and dangerous from the melt. 14 people rescued in the past 24 hours including a risky mission overnight in the merced river near the town of smelly. reporter sandra has the story. >>reporter: this exclusive video shows the frantic moment after a merced sheriff's dive team boat capsized during a rescue overnight. 3 rafters and 4 deputy toppled out of the boat and into the frigid river sending emergency crew scrambling. it tack self hours and several agencies to bring
9:15 pm
them all to safety. >> what the people did by not paying attention not understanding mother nature and how treacherous those waters are put our officers in danger. that's just not right. >>reporter: in response workers posted new caution signs and the sheriffs office implement the an emergency proclamation with the merced irrigation district to close the river late friday afternoo afternoon. but before that warnings alone did not stop rafters from entering the swift river in almost the same spot as thursday near tragedy. this man insisted he would be safe. l. >> i if he how to swim that's it. >>reporter: sergeant showed up just before rodriguez launched his raft and refused to let his 14-year-old nephew go with him. >> you are endangering his lif life. we rescued our guys in the water. it's dangerous. >>reporter: but he taking off and on made it part of the way down the river before jumping off his raft to save his own
9:16 pm
life. he shoysd the scratches from the tree branch he used to pull himself out of the water. >> i was holding on to the branch i should have listened to him. it's dangerous. if i would have never jumped i one be her talking to you guys. >>reporter: now deputy hope the new emergency proclamation keep others from taking the same chance. anyone who enters the water can be arrested for trespassing. in merced county, abc 7 news. >> rushing water and dangerous condition forced fresno county sheriff's deputy to close the king river to recreation today. closure came a little more than an hour after the river was reopened for activity lake swim being and tubing. reservoir which feeds the river is at 95 percent of capacity and water is being released. that is driving up the river level downstream of course and so now they are keeping l people out of it to be safe. >> golden gate ferry were up an running off all today after one day strike was called off at the start of the morning commute. but what a confusing
9:17 pm
day it was for riders. amy with the mixed signal. >> the striking was announced late yesterday. so commuters like ken hartley didn't feigned out until they arrived at the ferry terminal around 4:30 this morning. >> that's bad. pl hum. i can't get home today. well i guess i better drive in then. >>reporter: just as he was driving in to the city the situation changed again. chris was listening to the news in her car she was able to adapt. >> on my way in. i heard there was going to be a strike and wasn't going to be a strike. i don't know. i it was crazy. i don't know even why they were striking or p.m. it was just flash news. l pit wasn't well publicly sisd. >>reporter: commuters not the only ones confused. ferry employee showed up for work this morning saying they didn't know there was a strike. turns out the threatened strike was really a negotiating tactic. >> it was to get an agreement. >>reporter: but it didn't
9:18 pm
work. after the union put out a press release about the strike, bridge officials then announced service was cancelled for the day because of the strike. union officials were stunned. >> in my 30 years i have never seen an employer take that tactic. >>reporter: they called off the strike. saying they didn't want to inconvenience everyone. but of course by then commuters were caught in the middle. >> we just want to say how unfortunate it is for our customers that the inland boat manchester united felt it was the right way to go and call a strike then call the strike off. >>reporter: ferry ran without any problems today but commuters say in the future they would really rather not be a part of these labor negotiations. >> i depend upon this mowed of transportation to get to work. they need to work it out. work it up on a saturday or sunday if you can. >>reporter: sticking point for the contract negotiations in a week people will be replaced by ticket machines. both side are scheduled to return to the negotiating table next week.
9:19 pm
in larkspur, 7 news. >> well at least it was nice day to ride the ferry. sun out. people were really enjoying themselves. spencer is back with more on what looks like a weekend of holiday heat. >> moreen just a minute to kilometer because certainly more heat to come that will last for awhile. live view from the high definition mount tam camera. no t.we have sky 7 now. my mistake. i was looking at mount tam earlier but i like this view. this floats my boat. what are we looking at here? oh. we are looking down. yes looking down embarcadero there you go. okay. beautiful night. mostly clear skies. no fog around. mild in all locations around the bay area. one reason it's mild. look at the satellite close-up this afternoon. nasty flow of warm dry air from the north. swept the clouds away. sunny sky from his coast inland still have clear skies just about everywhere and temperatures at this hour 80 degrees redwood city and concord 81 antioch lots of upper 70's. inland
9:20 pm
area 59 here at san francisco and 57 at half moon bay. highlights mostly clear and mild remainder of the night. we see inland sizzle starting tomorrow and the heat holds on through fourth of july right on through most of mexico week. overnight tonight a little patchy fog along the coast. not a lot. inland clear and it will be mild everywhere with low pressure overnight mainly mid upper 50's. some location like concord, antioch will not see low drop pwle the 60 agrees mark. on to the satellite image big ridge of high pressure dominate our weather picture that will for the next self days and we have a hot holiday weekend with temperatures climbing up around 100 degree mark in some locations by sunday. state wide tomorrow we see 104 at press no. high of 117 at palm springs. mere 98 in sacrament sacramento. 99 at chick o. 75 at big sur. 79 at san diego. and on sunday similar readings. 100 in sacramento 106 at fresno. 115 at palm spring. 90 at la. 80 san diego here in
9:21 pm
the bay area it will continue to be toasty as well. south bay tomorrow under sunny skies lack for high pressure right around or above 90 degrees. 90 in san jose. 92 at campbell. 94 in los gatos. peninsula 82 will be the high in san mateo. palo alto mountain view upper 60's on the coast 68 at half machine bay. 67 pacifica. downtown san francisco 76 tomorrow. 70 in the sun set district which we continue see very often. 91 at novato. 95 at clover dale. 95 calistoga sonoma and napa and nearest bay high of 81 at berkeley. 84 san leandro. 86 at 81 city and newark 87. fremont castro valley and inland east bay sizzling 95 at concord and livermore 96 at antioch and 94 danville and pleasanton and 78 at santa cruz and 90's inland at gilroy and morgan hill. here's our 7 day forecast up to 100 in the warmest inland location on sunday. 90 l.a.
9:22 pm
round the baylow 70's on the coast. temperatures drop a couple degrees on monday fourth of july by skies remain sunny. conditions for viewing fireworks clear on mopped nature and then hot again on tuesday within land high around 100 degrees again. so we have 5 days of pretty intense heat but we don't expect any record records. i shouldn't say no records at all. but we are not looking for record heat area wide. >> we can ago it was cold and rainy. >> exactly. now what a change. >> thanks very much. >> parade and politic. coming up. will taking the kid to fourth of july tradition really determine which political party they support as adults [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered.
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>> china marks the 90th anniversary of what it calls the world largest political party. chinese president says
9:25 pm
the communist party has helped make china affluent and powerful and while he didn't mention the radical campaign that led to the death of tens of millions in the early decades of communist rule he did say the party success lies in the ability to learn from its mistakes. >> well now to politics here and parades. many of us attend fourth of july parade this weekend and tonight provocative new study suggests the simple act of taking you are a child to see the parade shapes not only their patriotism but their politics. here's sharon forget independent. researchers say the fourth of july is really for republicans. study shows that fourth of july parade not only boost g.o.p. turn out at the polls. they boost the likelihood that the kids watching will become republicans. yes. republican republicans. researchers from harvard claim that every year a child goes to a fourth of july parade it raises the likelihood
9:26 pm
by 2% that they will become a republican. >> they might already be republicans. >>reporter: not everyone is ready to hand the hotel indicate over. >> do not tell me that is a conservative holiday. don't tell me they are the only people who love america. it's if the true. it's not true. >>reporter: after all the parade if her hometown boston one of the oldest in the country hasn't exactly turned the political tide there. city hasn't elected republican mayor since 19 26. most people adamant today the fourth is our birthday party. not a political one. sharon, abc news, new york. >> l when we continues here tonight. reversal of fortune. that french leader accused of sexually attacking hotelorker walks free. day lega ist and turns. >> nigerian man accused of breaching airport security lawyer says he's embarrassed. judge says he's confused and now he may end up in the bay area. >> how does he do it? tonight the science behind joe
9:27 pm
chest nut and competitive eating. he's back at the fourth of july. another half eating. he's back at the fourth of july. another half hour of news begins here in a
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>> good evening once again. thanks for joining us. former international monetary fund chief dominic strauss kahn once considered a possible presidential contender for france and tonight supporters talk about his political come back now that the allegations of rape and sexual misconduct against him appear to be in real jeopardy. here's briana. >>reporter: after thanking the judge dominic strauss kahn left court today with his arm around
9:30 pm
his wife's shoulder. released on own recognizance. nearly two months since the former imf chief was taken off a paris bound plate after sexually assaulting hotel made. surprising turn of event came after prosecutors acknowledge in court today serious questions about the credibility of the accuser. >> all of this has caused us to reassess the position about the strength of the case. >>reporter: among the information? financial phone records revealing possible ties between the alleged victim and alleged drug dealer. involvement in criminal activity including money laundering. and that she was caught on wire tap considering possible financial gain from pressing charges against strauss kahn and perhaps most damaging revelation. reports that the accuser had lied to investigators about a prior sexual attack in her native country while seeking asylum in the u.s. >> today is a first giant step pl in the right direction. next step will lead to complete
9:31 pm
dismissal of the charges. >>reporter: accuser attorney spoke out in support of his client and lashed out at the district attorney. >> the district attorney has an obligation to stand up for this rape victim. >>reporter: there is dna evidence proving sexual encounter did take place. hotel maid he mentaled from the room in distress with her clothing ripped say witnesses. damage done to the prosecution case is almost certainly airreparable though the district attorney has not create thrown in the towel. >> our prosecutors will continue their investigation into these alleged crimes until we have uncovered all relevant facts. >> briana reporting. federal judge today ordered nigerian american accused of breaching airport security to remain in custody. authorities say that the man board add flight to la at jfk in new york last week using an expired boarding pass
9:32 pm
with someone else's name on it. but he wasn't arrested until several days later when he tried to board another plane delta flight from la to atlanta with another expired pass. authorities say he had 15 more of them in his bag. none in his name. no the man is facing several charges. his attorney tl say the nigerian man is embarrassed by accusations. he's a pick pocket. identity thief and seasoned airline scammer. the attorney says the man may stay with a cousin in hayward. >> turn next to afghanistan. we get our first lack tonight at grizzly new images from inside the luxury hotel in kabul swarmed by saw side bombers would went on the deadly attack. in a news exclusive we take you inside. >> abc news filmed the first image from inside intercontinental. attacker blew themselves up in bedrooms. stairwell. in the hallway. top floor was completely destroyed by fire. on the roof
9:33 pm
massive fire fight. attacker brought bag full of red bull an water to she could fight for hours. about for the first time senior afghan police official admitted to abc news take his men wouldn't have retaken the hotel without the help of these nato special forces. later this month afghan forces are supposed to take responsibility for security in parts of the country. the response to this attack raises questions about whether they are ready f.this is kabul. >> pl american protestors on a boat bound for the gaza strip have been prevent from leaving greece. protestors tried to head tout to be satisfactory athens but intercepted by authorities in inflatable speed boat of 9 vessels are aim to go break israel sea blockade and deliver aid to the palestine territory. some of the protestors are from the bay area. other protest boat
9:34 pm
docked in greece and turkey l and vessels sabotaged. >> michael vick is getting his old job back. nike announced today it's resigning the philadelphia eagle quarterback to an endorsement deal. they dropped him 4 years ago after he made a plea deal in connection with a dog fighting ring. vick went to prison for almost 2 years before returning to the nfl. nike says it supports the positive changes that vick has made but does not condone of course his past actions. cost of health insurance just went way up for millions of californians today. timing is important because it's noble a few weeks insurance company would not have been able to do what they did today. capitol correspondent annette explains why. latest rate hike by some of the state largest health insurer affects 1 million and a half californians mostly small business and individual policy holders. the premium jump ranges from as small as 3 percent to a
9:35 pm
whopping l 92 percent. for some customers it's the third rate hike in less than a year. >> i have the authority right now to reject excessive rate hike for auto insurance, homeowner insurance property casualty insurance but not health insurance. >>reporter: the health insurance industry says the rise in rate reflect a rise in health care cost including hospitalization and diagnostic testing. >> i decided i was willing to take that risk. >>reporter: premium have gotten so bad 56-year-old pam l decided 700 dollars a month for just herself was too expensive and cancelled her health insurance. >> i didn't really understand why they would go up so much. there was no change in my health status. and i wasn't getting any additional benefit benefits. >>reporter: increasingly expensive policies are giving momentum to assembly bill 52 which grants insurance commissioner the power to reject rate hike. but the california medical association says price control may not be
9:36 pm
the answer because the insurance industry will find a way to keep their record profit. that in the end hurts consumers. >> one of the ways to generate a profit is to make cuts in the way to provide health care which means less access to physicians. less access to care. lesbian fits. they are charging more than is necessary to cover medical cost. will drive more people off the health than insurance roll. more i'm into the emergency room. >>reporter: the bill faces key committee vote on wednesday. nearly 3 dozen starts states already give the insurance commissioner the power to reject rate hike from the health insurance industry. this is 7 news. >> another hot bay area company is about to go public. how much they expect to raise as we continue. >> i will never bat against the american spirit. >> plus visit to the tech shop. call it a gym for
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>> another bay area internet company going public. they filed papers today hoping to raise up to 1 billion dollars in an initial public offering. san francisco company is behind the popular farmville mafia war game. announcement follows the recent others that are in the bay area. >> other business news. google
9:40 pm
yahoo reportedly potential bidder for hula the on line video extremeing site. they are partially owned by the walt disney company the parent company of abc 7. >> san francisco 49 ers say they have sold 138 million dollars in luxury suite for the proposed new stadium in santa clara. this is the animation that the stadium provided by the niners that you are watching. >> team official say the sale show tree support of project has. >> well the bay area is well known for the innation but th bst ideas nee alace t grow. well founsuch a place. here's wayne friedman on a worhop that is an inventor's paradise. >>reporter: if you prefer to hang around with those who do as opposed to others who merely talk about doing. >> a little bit more. >>reporter: then you mit like this place. >> you are not a type a personality are you. >> no i'm not type a. >>reporter: not with a name like seventh quest. for weeks he an his design partner have
9:41 pm
worked 15 hour day on an idea that might expand your i pad use. how did i get idea i was lying in bed streaming netflix on the lap top that. >> evolved into this. >> you can use the i pad until bed him if in the most comfortable position in the world. >>reporter: one idea among hundreds becoming reality. place called tech shop in san francisco. this is kuhan of like a gym for inventor. 100 dollars a month gets access to every machine in here. if they can imagine something they can probably build it. >> i will never bet against the american spirit. we are not done with manufacturing in the united states. >>reporter: mark runs this the expanding company that is betting on the american entrepreneur spirit. long past the day of the grand father assembly line he says. where before big companies held the keys to industrial development. tech shop is about empowermen empowerment. >> what we have didn't is given people access to the tools the
9:42 pm
industrial refuse lugs for the cost of a bad could have fee addiction. >>reporter: this is lake 1,000 little start up. need access to a laser no problem. they will train you. when shawn came here a year ago he knew nothing about welding. now he's building a soap box car just for the fun of it. >> certainly a goal here. the drive to learn the things you don't know how to do. >>reporter: with what you need to do it. from precise machinery to computers which help design product and then talk to that machine. todd back for this has inconveniented and already built a prototype for indoor golf driving net that took only a few weeks. mostly because he didn't have to spend thousands of dollars tooling up t.the stuff was right here pichbility next molding things i can do here i couldn't do anywhere else for a fraction of the cost. >> i think it is the catalyst for our careers. this place has been fostering our idea on the project from the very beginning.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: for real. juan and seventh i pad prom equity received is l development fu funning. if you insist americans don't make things any more take a ride down to howard street. if you have an idea it's all downhill from here. >> see you later. >>reporter: in san francisco wayne freidman abc 7 news. off he goes. well new to the mechanic of eating. joe chest nut hold world record in competitive eating. 68 hot dog in 10 mince. tonight the science hyped his legendary appetite and mind blowing l stomach churning talent. stay appetite and mind blowing l stomach churning talent. stay with us. @
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9:47 pm
opportunity to take behind the scenes tour at the academy to see how the staff takes care of exotic reptile fish and other creature from all over the world. way to go. >> hotel difficult weekend is upon us. let's go back and update the heat with spencer. >> lacking for shade this wean along with many of us. satellite image high pressure will be the dominant feature. mainly dominant faech for several days bringing us hot holiday wean and heat will extend well beyond the weaned into next week. high pressure tomorrow state wide 90, 98 at sacramento. 104 fresno and up to 117 degrees at palm springs. sizzling there. 86 at los angeles. 75 at big sur. and hear in the bay area we see our temperatures beginning to climb a bit more as well. inland high mainly mid 90's. 95 knicks degrees many east bay north bay and south bay inland location. bay hay in the 80's and 76 in san francisco. and how about a little fourth of july fireworks weather. monday night. fireworks here san francisco mostly clear skies.
9:48 pm
visibility had been great. fourth of july fireworks. 7 day forecast we have high pressure up to 100 degrees inland location on sunday and on tuesday hot weather actually will have about a 5 day span through next thursday before it starts to moderate just a little bit. >> all right thank you spencer. >> well this monday july 4th hot dog eating champion joe chest nut at it again trying for another title. today the bay area native weighed in for the event. he eats about 20 20,000 calorie in one shot at the food competition. he says the doctor doesn't mini. chest nut runs and counts calorie when he's not doing contests. tonight the science behind the eating from espn john brink. >> to better understand the science of the top rank competitive ether in the world, joe chest nut l we arranged an informal eating contest. l 30 hot dog. 5 minutes. as fast
9:49 pm
as we possibly can do it. >> any real man could. >>reporter: warning. joey is a professional. do not try this at home. l or anywhere really. about ready, 3, 2, 1, come. him if in the time it takes me to eat one hot dog, joey scarfs down 10. hers how he does it. first. the jaw. it begins with the mass muscle. pound for pound one of the body strongest. some competitive eaters train this muscle by chewing 5 or more stbings of gum at once. in fact, we have measured the bait of competitive eaters at 280 pound of force. bite stronger
9:50 pm
than a german shephard. next. esophagus. body relies on rift mick contraction called pl to manufacture have had down the esophagus. competitive eaters call what is called this maneuver like pinching the nose shut in attempting to exhale with the mouth closed to mostly clear your ears. this i hope ceases thoracic pressure lake squaez ago tube of tooth paste help move the have had through the esophagus. by bouncing up and down joey also uses graph ty to accelerate the process. >> i'm doing whatever it takes to get it in. nothing pretty about it. >>reporter: financially. the stomach. joey pushes the limit of stomach expansion. training the stomach. increase by roughly 400 percent. from the ordinary volume of about 1 liter to more than 4 liters.
9:51 pm
about body fat. takes a valuable space for stomach expansion. which is why many competitive eaters are surprising lil fit. i ate 3 hot dogs in 5 minutes. which actually is a personal record. but compared to joey it is pathetic. in that same 5 minutes joe poll he should off 30 hot dogs. roughly 9,000 calories. that means in 5 minutes joey ate as much as the average person eats in about 5 days. for espn sports science average person eats in about 5 days. for espn sports science i'm john brink >> wow! you know the saying too much information? wow! that is hard to watch. he's good at it. >> fascinating. we have known him for a listening time. good luck to him. >> you did one of the first stories. he's a good guy. >> hard to watch. >> giants if torture in detroi
9:52 pm
detroit. pitcher wilson will end up with a win but you went know from it this out bur wow! hate to see him when he loses. explain this and show you why brian is s i want to crush more cars. i want to sell more tea cups. ♪
9:53 pm
i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. like the at&t all for less package, starting at just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
9:54 pm
that. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. new video from the plane crash in richardson bay. what caused the small plane to go down near sausalito. >> bay area sing bears to depart on trip that most americans never get to take. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us. we have all the sports and fear the beard takes
9:55 pm
on a new meaning. >> really did. giants take 2 game losing street to detroit to face the leading takingers. put us through the ringer with the daily dose of torture. former giant brad start for the tigers. top 5. scoreless. to sandoval. drills one into the left center gap. aaron wal me larly lead. balm garner in the 5. fell wouldn't get the win because in the eighth wilson gives up rbi single tl and game tied at 1. but in the inth panda putting giants back on top the. rips one deep to center. ground rule double. stewart. score 3 in the frame to. go up 4-1. but bottom half wilson struggling again. gives up the rbi single to brandon and that makes it 4-2. so the beard gets the hook. he's not happy. first toss. taking a bat to
9:56 pm
it. pl needs to take it easy. so on comes jeremy. now 4-3 bases loaded for detroit. lines 1 the middle but rate at crawford. game ending double play. giants survive a wild one 4-3 the final. season debut for the a's. diamond back in town and pl juan swinging. one of the 6 punch out on the night and a offense aleif in the bottom of the frame. 3 straight 2 out hit. rips double down right field line. cliff and cocoa crisp a's up 5-1. to the sixth. harden help from his defense. if one keep that center. watch cocoa crisp. steals home run and brings it back. right now a's lead 5-4 in the 9th. hailts at 11:00. colorado tonight. ellis knows how to make a first impression. day after being traded from the a's ellis goes 3 for 5. homer. 3
9:57 pm
rbi. he leads them to 9 nothing win over the royals. well i in the there was going to be upset in the men similar at wimbledon it would be murray knocking off nadal but l lack for the first male champion in 75 years and drought tips. how about this murray came out smoking. big forehand nadal can't handle. murray go on to take the first set. but people rall qu in the second. look at the touch at the net. he has soft hands. wins the second. he rolled from there on match point. big serve. the nasty forehand. now won 20 straight wimbledon matches. other semi. first set tie break. plt ace. he takes the first set. also went to second but answer in the third after novak clips the
9:58 pm
net. watch this reaction. big guy gets it over to take the set. good to the fourth. too much novak. match point can't handle the big sevrnlt over at that time world no. 1 rank from in today and advance to first wimbledon final to face nadal. all right. nba lock out official shutting down first time in 13 years. the no longer contact players and agent or family members until new collective bargaining agreement is reached. a lot of players going over seas to play. some going back to school and some just chill and spend time with their families. local agent who represents over 35 nba players is not optimistic about this lock out. >> i just feel frustrated because i feel in generally the league is in good shape. there's a lot of excitement and for us to have this type of potential work stoppage is catastrophic and with the global economy the way things are there's a lot of uncertainty manufacturing forward. more than has ever been in the past in my opinion. >>reporter: finally tonight.
9:59 pm
golf. second round of the at&t national. shot of the day courtesy of jones. from the beach. towards the cup. bottom of the jar for birdie and by doing it he makes the cut. take me to your leader. choi. look at this approach on 9. nearly holds it. ties course record with 7 under. he leads p.m. by 2 strokes. and with brian wilson, kids done try this at home. he gets paid to be a professional. close-out a game and when he did and gives up he gets the pay khichblingt he can do that but given all the new attention to the giants after world series win did the giants care major league baseball care did he get find. >> he's in the dug out. the players moved out of the way professionals just do it. ab good sport. don't do it there. >> fear the beard. that's our report. mike shoe man, this is dan ashley. appreciate your time. see you

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